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Chimney Sweep Rods

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Looking for the best prices on professional chimney sweeping equipment? At The Bulldog Rod & Brush Co. we can help. We have a fantastic range of chimney sweep rods including super flexible rods that are specially designed for using in flue lined chimneys, rigid chimney sweep rods for solid and masonry chimneys and polypropylene rods in various different sizes and diameters. Whether you work in the chimney sweep profession or are just looking for a way to keep on top of your chimney maintenance, we can help you find the perfect tools for the job.

Our entire range of rigid and flexible chimney sweep rods have been designed for professional usage with a range of options available for standard, lined and twin wall chimney systems. From Blue Bailey Rods and SnapLok to super flexible liner rods and aluminium rods, we have you covered with a fantastic selection of options that will help you keep your chimney clear and help prevent a fire.

All of our chimney sweep rods are fitted with universal brass fittings which means they can be used with our full range of chimney brushes, nest removal tools, and accessories. Our solid chimney rods are available in different diameters with thicker rods best suited to applications where increased rigidity is required while thinner rods offer more flexibility. Unsure which option to choose? Our friendly and professional team will be happy to assist you so get in touch with us today.

If you’re looking for the best brands at competitive prices then you’ve come to the right place, at The Bulldog Rod & Brush Co. we stock an incredible range of chimney sweep rods for professional sweeps and DIY enthusiasts alike. Take a look at the full range below and order online for the best prices.

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