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Professional Chimney Sweep Brush Sets and Flexible Chimney Rods Supplied Out of Devon, Delivered Nationwide

The Bulldog Traditional Rod and Brush Company are a leading supplier of high-quality chimney sweep brushes, chimney sweep rods and other tools and equipment. Founded out of Tiverton, Devon, we have been supplying the UK with high-quality chimney sweep brush sets including our professional flexible chimney rods for over a decade. We pride ourselves on our expert customer service and fast delivery service.

 Do you have a wood burner stove? Do you have a wood-burning fireplace that heats your home? If so, proper maintenance is paramount to ensure optimal fire safety. If you continue to use your log burner and fireplace without regular cleaning and maintenance, there is potential for increased fire risk. 


Address: 3 Tiverton Way

 Tiverton Business Park

Tiverton, Devon. EX16 6TG.

United Kingdom

Phone: 01884 675075

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Chimney sweeping with quality chimney brush sets regularly helps to remove the flammable build-up, ensuring hot air and gasses can proceed through the chimney safely. At Bulldog traditional rod and brush co. we offer several chimneys sweeps brushes and flexible chimney rods. We offer the best quality equipment to ensure you can clean and maintain your chimney in pristine condition. This will reduce the risk of fire and improve your fireplace and log burning efficiency. 

Many people are reactive when it comes to cleaning their chimneys. At Bulldog Traditional Rod and Brush Company, we want to encourage a proactive approach to chimney maintenance to ensure fire risk is dramatically reduced. This can be done through regular chimney cleaning. We supply quality chimney brushes and chimney brush sets available for nationwide delivery as well as flexible chimney rods for wood burner stoves to guarantee optimal efficiency. 

We have everything you need to clean chimneys and keep them free of soot and deposits, from chimney brushes in various diameters to flexible chimney liner rods for use in lined and twin-walled chimney systems. The Bulldog traditional Rod Brush Company supply the highest quality chimney sweeping brush sets, flexible chimney rods and other chimney cleaning equipment out of Devon that work synonymously with all fireplaces and wood burner stoves.

Whether you need help unblocking a chimney or advice on chimney and log burner maintenance, our team of professionals can advise you on which items will best suit your chimney's demands. Contact us today for more insight and information on how best to clean and maintain your chimney, to minimise fire risk and maximise efficiency.

Traditional Chimney Sweep Rods

Professional Chimney Sweep Brush Sets and Flexible Chimney Rods in the UK

Welcome to The Bulldog Rod & Brush Co. where you’ll find traditional chimney sweep brush sets, chimney rods, power sweeping robs and traditional chimney sweep clothing and tools. Based in Tiverton, Devon, we’re proud to supply traditional chimney sweep brush sets and flexible chimney rods for professional chimney sweeps as well as homeowners looking to keep on top of their chimney maintenance.

Founded by Mark Hart, a trained APICS association trained chimney sweep, The Bulldog Rod & Brush Co. manufacture and supply professional quality chimney sweep rods and brush sets throughout the UK. With over 17 years’ industry experience we know the importance of using a high-quality brush set when cleaning your chimney. Whether you have a wood burning stove or a standard fireplace, we have a great range of flexible chimney rods and brush sets for you to choose from click on the categories below to quickly find the products you are looking for.

Traditional chimney sweep rods, brushes, and equipment

From our home in Devon, The Bulldog Rod & Brush Co. offers traditional chimney sweeping equipment for the aspiring and experienced chimney sweeps alike. In addition to basic equipment such as long straight hand brushes and soot shovels we also stock flue brush sets, flexible chimney rods, smoke pellets and all the equipment you need to carry out a professional clean.

It’s not just brushes, rods and tools though, we also stock chimney sweep uniforms including top hats, chimney sweep jackets, gilets, neckerchief, belt buckles, and much more. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with a great level of service so if you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch, we’re always happy to help.

Flexible chimney rods for wood burning stoves

Keep wood burning stoves and fires in safe condition with the help of our flexible chimney rods and brushes that have been designed for use with flue lined fireplaces. From soft to medium and hard brushes, our flue liner brushes cover the standard flue sizes used in residential properties helping to keep the chimney free from soot and remove any birds’ nests that could produce a fire risk.

We understand how important it is to have the right equipment for the job which is why we only supply the highest-quality products on the market. View our full range of chimney sweep brushes, flexible chimney rods, chimney sweeping kits and accessories in our online shop and order today for fast UK delivery. With low everyday trade prices, you won’t find better quality equipment at a lower price.

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